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ITS Australia Summit 2024

Smart Infrastructure and Data Ecosystems

Smart Infrastructure and Data Ecosystems remain at the forefront, presenting a pivotal challenge for both industry and government as we navigate the future of our built environment and transport networks.

Embracing digital technology and unlocking the full potential of our sector's rich data ecosystem are paramount for success.

This theme explores innovative strategies to seamlessly integrate smart infrastructure, harnessing the power of data-driven insights to optimise efficiency, enhance connectivity, and ensure our systems are not just future-ready but at the cutting edge of technological advancements.
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Sustainable and Inclusive Transport

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Sustainable and Inclusive Transport focuses on fostering a transport ecosystem that is not only environmentally sustainable but also embraces inclusivity at its core.

This theme delves into how we create transport systems that cater to diverse needs, ensuring accessibility, affordability, and seamless integration for all individuals and communities. It examines the equitable deployment of technology, addressing barriers to access, and reducing disparities while advancing sustainable solutions to curb emissions and promote long-term environmental responsibility.

Electric, Connected, Automated Transport

The landscape of transportation is undergoing a dynamic shift with Electric, Connected, and Automated Vehicles redefining industry standards.

The evolution of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) is propelled by advancements in automation, sensing, connectivity, navigation, and safety enforcement technologies. Global trials of CAVs continue to unfold, providing insights into operational environments, ecosystems, and implications for urban mobility.

This theme explores the transformative journey, encompassing not only CAVs but also the rising prevalence of electric and shared vehicles, each poised to significantly impact and reshape our transportation network.
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Future Mobility

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Future Mobility stands as a beacon in the rapidly evolving landscape of the ITS industry, emerging as one of its fastest-growing sectors.

Integral to smart transport and the enhancement of our cities, suburbs, and regional communities, new mobility solutions play a pivotal role. Collaborating with customer-centric, demand-responsive transport initiatives, they embody a global shift toward sustainable and accessible mobility.

From Mobility as a Service (MaaS) to Mobility on Demand (MoD) and beyond, this theme explores the multifaceted dimensions of innovative solutions shaping the future of transportation, enriching the liveability and connectivity of our diverse environments.

Governance Frameworks

The Governance Framework theme explores the vital role of policies in accelerating transport innovation.

Focused on enhancing liveability, accessibility, and sustainability, it emphasizes robust regulations for safeguarding critical infrastructure from physical and digital threats. Addressing the increasing use of data analytics, the theme ensures customer privacy and security. Drawing from global reforms, it promotes best practices.

Discover the evolving landscape of transport pricing, integrating tolling technologies, payments, and infrastructure upgrades for seamless traveller experiences and operational efficiencies. Operators are encouraged to use connectivity and data analytics for responsive pricing schemes in the dynamic realm of new mobility.
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Freight and Services

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In the dynamic landscape of transport networks, heightened competition and soaring consumer expectations for swift, efficient delivery of goods and services pose ongoing challenges.

The theme of Freight and Services navigates the delicate balance between emerging technological innovations and adaptability, addressing the evolving needs of the future.

This theme propels the freight and logistics industries into a new era characterised by automation, intelligence, and the integration of drones and multi-modality. Concurrently, regulatory reforms guide these industries toward a safer, greener, and more sustainable future.

Explore how these advancements reshape the landscape, ensuring resilience, efficiency, and environmental responsibility in the delivery of freight and services.